One headboard, four different looks: Number two, Chinoiserie (Sheri style).


I love chinoiserie.  I especially love the hand painted trees and birds.  I subscribed to a blog called Chinoiserie Style and have been getting a daily dose of pretties in my email everyday.  I have been thinking about trying my hand at painting in t his style for some time.  I finally got up my nerve to try it.   I thought having four head boards to paint in four different styles would be a perfect  opportunity to give it a try!  Here is what I came up with.


Here is the finished head board.  I painted a soft tone on tone using soft whites and grays.

I started with a metallic paint and then added some bright silver metallic foil.  i striaed the foil vertically and horizontally.


After the foiled stage above, I did overglaze the entire head board with a bronze glaze.  It toned down the brightness of the silver foil.

Here is the finished head board.

Here is the head board hanging up on the wall.

I like to show it from different angles so you can see the way the metallic and flat paints react with each other.

Please leave me comments and let me know what you think about my attempt at chinoiserie style painting.

One head board, four different ways: Head board number 1, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.


Welcome to my new series about taking a fairly simple style of headboard and recreating four entirely different looks.

I recently found several pieces of furniture for sale at a hotel liquidation sale.  I bought four wall mounted queen sized head boards. They were banged up and  in need of help!!! I was lucky enough to pay only $9 per head board.

My first head board started out just old and beat up.  It had banged up wood and particle board showing through,  but overall it was in decent shape and had a great style that I could work with.  I decided to use the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for this first head board project.  I added to the overall appeal of the headboard by troweling a texture through the stencil and then finishing with my painting techniques.  The stencil I used is the dynasty stencil from

Here is the finished head board.

This is what the piece started out looking like.  Look close it is a mess!

Looking kind of rough during the painting process.

This is the head board before the distressing and dark wax was applied.

Close up of the final product.  You can see the distressing and dark waxing.

 Close up view of the finished head board.                                                                          Let me know what you think about it.


Powder Room Vanity before and after


I decided recently that my poor worn out vanity needed  a face lift.  I put a lot of thought into how I wanted the cabinet to look.  I have been seeing a lot of turquoise furniture lately and have been in love with it.  I decided it would be a great idea  to mix a little rust with it and here is the end result!

The below photo is a picture before the transformation.  It has ten years of wear and tear!

The photo below shows the metal knobs I used to dress the doors up.

Here is what the knobs look like after the rust has been applied.

The photo below shows the rusting process.

Below is a photo of the vanity unit after a china crackle medium was applied.  It added to the aged appearance of the unit.  I also toned down the rust with a bit of brown glaze.

Please let me know what you think about my vanity makeover!

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